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Responsive websites work across all platforms and screen sizes. They automatically adjust to mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC screen sizes and allow users the ability to have a similar interaction with the site. What this means for the site owner is that their product or brand is represented well to anyone visiting their site regardless of how they choose to view it.

813Developers will provide options for your business to affordably update your existing site or to create a new site that is fully responsive, SEO optimized, and the perfect digital representation of your business.

Fully responsive websites are a must

Current statistics show over half of users
view sites from a mobile device

Are visitors to your website seeing everything your company or organization has to offer?
Just having a website that can be seen on a mobile device isn't enough.
Websites should be not only visible but easy to use and navigate on every device.
The costs of not having a fully responsive site could be staggering.

Average of website views
from a mobile device.
0 %
Average of time visiting websites
using a mobile device
0 %
Percentage of the top million
websites that are not mobile friendly
0 %

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David Meagher

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